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Since 1989, the HUBSCRUB Company has been committed to improving the most effective cleaning and disinfection product for durable medical equipment used at healthcare facilities.

HUBSCRUB started as a cleaning service for long term care facilities. The practice of cleaning medical equipment with high pressure washers had a negative affect on upholstery and wheel bearings. Cleaning in parking lots and driveways was weather dependent, disruptive to patients and staff and resulted in an environmental concern with waste and chemicals.

While people were conscientious about quality cleaning, one piece of equipment after another led to cleaning fatigue and a lack of consistent cleaning results. Perhaps through a destined encounter, the first meeting with a talented mechanical engineer was quite the surprise when he opened the door and was sitting in a wheelchair.

Through the years, thousands of wheelchairs and other equipment have been cleaned by HUBSCRUB in different facilities, each having unique environments and custom set-ups. This extensive period has resulted in a proven product in quality engineering, user acceptance and the ability to work in different environments.

Today, the HUBSCRUB Company is a division of Rehabilitation Equipment Associates (REQ). REQ is a well respected company which has been serving the needs of people with disabilities in New England for over 30 years.

Why Automate with HUBSCRUB

The major benefits of an automated cleaning and disinfection system are to reduce labor time, improve staff utilization and have a consistent clean and disinfect process for every piece of equipment. How well the system can achieve these requirements will determine how much the system is used and the value of the product.

                        Pressure   Coverage   Adaptability   Production

Spray Pressure
Higher spray pressures reduce cleaning time
Higher spray pressures are more effective to remove stubborn soil and organics
Higher spray pressures reduces dependence for excessive hot water and chemicals
HUBSCRUB produces 50lbs of spray nozzle pressure. It's the friction to clean

Coverage through spray systems all-around rotation
Rotating all-around spray systems are more effective to clean different shape equipment
Spray pressure impact on all equipment surfaces results in better cleaning
HUBSCRUB has spray impact on six sides of equipment: top, front, back, under, left side and right side. Moving spray systems minimize upholstery saturation, cushions and mechanical moving parts
- Consider the analogy of a lawn sprinkler that doesn't rotate and how saturated the lawn becomes in that one area. More saturation results in longer drying times

HUBSCRUB - High production cleaning
Complete wash and rinse in 3 minutes for equipment having average soiled build up
User can control spray arm speed if they wish: ideal for a quick wash or heavy duty wash
Fast turnaround time for operator, waiting customer or service department
High production cleaning with quality is very important for service businesses

Comprehensive Infection Prevention
EPA registered liquid disinfectants such as; Quaternary, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phenol, Alcohol, Citric
Number of disinfectant cycles per gallon from 75 to over 300
Clean, rinse and disinfect with UV
Clean, disinfect, rinse with liquid disinfectants
Disinfect with UV only: quick way to disinfect when equipment is clean
Disinfect with liquid only: eliminates open disinfectant spraying by equipment in wash chamber
Disinfection process includes rotating spray pressures, misting and UV for excellent coverage

Programmable dilution ratios and contact times for cleaning and disinfectant products - important to maintain your investment over a long period of time.
Touch screen - easy to use with documentation immediately available
Programmable features allow the user to adjust for facility installation
Programmable dosage times for Ultra-Violet (UV) disinfection
High foaming disinfectants controlled automatically by no-foam application
Spray arms can be customized for different types of equipment
Spacious wash chamber for more equipment

HUBSCRUB designed for portability on day 1
HUBSCRUB'S total weight approx. 380 lbs
Ideal for service businesses
Moves in and between facilities with ease
Hookups at different locations simple


MALCOLM - Canada - " My company has owned the HUBSCRUB about 8 years. We use it on a daily basis in our workshop and at various health care facilities in the area. The HUBSCRUB has proven to be sturdy and reliable and can be transported quite easily. All in all, we are very satisfied."

JEFF - Rhode Island - " over 10 years and going strong. Dependability and reliability are proven HUBSCRUB trademarks that I can rely on everyday to keep my clients satisfied."

NELSON - New Hampshire - " My accounts find it to be the most reliable and efficient method of cleaning."

STEVE - Connecticut - " increased productivity. Don't have to have an employee tied up on what could be a labor intensive process."

BOB - New York - " In this era of budget cutting and belt tightening, efficiency and productivity within an organization are paramount. The HUBSCRUB is an investment that definitely works in this environment. The HUBSCRUB allow you to do more with less and have cleaner equipment than ever before. It is a true win-win for home medical equipment providers and anyone else that needs to clean and sanitize items frequently."