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Water Supply - HUBSCRUB is designed to work with standard hot tap water. You can expect quality cleaning with water temperature between 100 to 120 F.

Hot Water Capacity - If HUBSCRUB is operating in a facility using a hot water tank, the frequency of cleaning will affect the size of the hot water tank. By reviewing your cleaning schedules, we can recommend the size of your hot water tank to maintain hot water.

If On-Demand hot water is used, water flow could be affected as many on-demand products reduce the piping size to heat water quickly. This restricted flow will affect the overall cleaning times.

Connecting water supply to HUBSCRUB - Our standard water supply hose is 13' long. One end of the hose connects to the faucet having a garden hose thread. The other end will connect to HUBSCRUB using a garden hose thread.

Water Flow / Pressure - Most commercial facilities will have around 70 pounds of water pressure. As a quick test, you should be able to fill a one gallon container between 10 to 15 seconds. If the flow is substantially lower, HUBSCRUB can be programmed to accept lower flow rates.

Drain Connections - Our drain hose is 13' long and connects to the HUBSCRUB on one end and the other end is placed in the drain outlet. The drain should be able to drain 4 gallons of water in 30 to 40 seconds. There are three typical drain outlets.

A utility sink is often used as it doubles not only for draining but also as the hook-up for your water supply.

A raised drain pipe typically about 2 or 3 feet off the floor much like a washing machine hook-up.

A floor drain can be used but can present problems such as HUBSCRUB could be placed over the floor drain and get in the way of personnel.

Electrical connections - A standard wall outlet as long as there is no other major appliances on the same circuit. HUBSCRUB runs between 9 and 12 amps.


Verify access from the outside delivery location to where HUBSCRUB will be located. The unit should be able to roll through all doorway widths. Look out for steps or very tight corners through aisles and elevator dimensions.

The area that HUBSCRUB will be located should have sufficient room for the operator to open the door for loading and unloading equipment. Allow a couple of feet in back of the unit to replace empty chemical containers and preferably at least 5 to 6 feet in front of the door. If ramps are used, allow 7 to 8 feet.

The standard electrical outlet should be within 10 to 15 feet from the back of the unit. Contact maintenance to insure the outlet has a ground and there are no major appliances on the circuit that HUBSCRUB will be using. Also check with Maintenance on rules for backflow preventers. Water fill and drain hose connections should be not more than 13 feet away from the back of the unit.

HUBSCRUB should be on a level floor so the water level sensors can provide accurate water level readings.

At the end of the day, the operator can shut off power off at the operator controls. It is highly recommended that the water supply is also shut off. Easy access to the shutoff valve should be planned.

Outside Location

There are a number of considerations for using HUBSCRUB outside.

  • Access to hot water may not be easily available
  • Draining chemicals onto driveways, parking lots, etc have regulatory issues.
  • Contaminated waste left on the ground
  • Tracking excessive dirt into the unit and back into the facility
  • Outside ground may have difficulty find level areas
  • Electrical extension cords may need to be upgraded due to increased distance.

LOCATION EXAMPLE Model 20/50 & 20/80

Installation considerations and suggestions for a dedicated HUBSCRUB location. Configurations will change based upon space available for each type of facility. This illustration depicts a medical equipment provider.

1. Hot water pipe to utility sink
2. Drain pipe to utility sink
3. OR, drain pipe in floor if no utility sink
4. if no floor drain, water is pumped up to utility sink
5.'Y'Connection on hot water faucet for HUBSCRUB
water supply 6. Hot water tank – thermostat set at 110F to 120F
7. Supply cabinet: towels, spray bottles, MSDS sheets, HUBSCRUB chemicals: detergent, disinfectant, no-foam, drying aid
8. 13' Drain hose from HUBSCRUB to drain line
9. 13' Water Supply hose from HUBSCRUB to hot water supply
10. Tag box for equipment ID
11. Covers for Equipment
12. HUBSCRUB towel or absorbent pad for water drips
13. Unclean Equipment area
14. Path to clean equipment area
15. Optional clothes washer
16. Optional clothes dryer
17. HUBSCRUB unit

  • a. 38.5"wide x 64" long

  • b. Allow 2.5' behind

  • c. Allow 7' in front

  • d. If ramps add 4' in front

18. Access convenience for customer equipment while they wait
19. Wall outlet: 115V, 20amp
20. HUBSCRUB basket for parts cleaning
22. Custom HUBSCRUB spray arm
23. Access for HUBSCRUB mobility when transporting between facilities (door width for HUBSCRUB access is 39" wide.