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Service Business Opportunity

Healthcare facility managers face constant challenges cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment in a responsive time frame. While facilities have purchased their own system, there are a significant number that prefer to contract with a service company so their limited staff can focus on core patient roles. Having a professional dependable company come in and do this work on a planned schedule is a welcome service and the benefits are well proven.

Every day HUBSCRUB is proving there is a profitable business opportunity for a successful medical equipment cleaning service. In fact, companies that started with HUBSCRUB over 10 years ago are still in business using the same machines and enjoying a comfortable income.

Operate the business as a simple rental business – drop it off one day and pick it up a day or two later. Offer attended services to relieve the facilities staff and increase your income potential by bringing in your own staff.

Independent Sales Representation

In addition to a service business opportunity, HUBSCRUB is looking for sales representatives to cover regional locations throughout the US and Canada. If you’re currently working in healthcare representing other equipment, adding HUBSCRUB to your portfolio will continue to increase your overall value to your healthcare accounts. You can also be assured that you are representing a product that has an excellent reputation and will enhance your customer relationships. 

Sales Coverage

The HUBSCRUB Company provide sales throughout the US and Canada. Some locations provide local sales while other locations are represented by an authorized representative for both local and national accounts.


HUBSCRUB is forming alliances with other companies that have complementary products. Alliances help to promote products by other alliance members that share common business values.