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Hospitals, Long Term Care, Rehab Facilities, Medical Equipment Providers, Recycling Organizations, share a common objective, to keep patient care equipment clean and infection free. Wheelchairs, commodes, carts, over-bed tables, etc., are prime candidates to retain pathogens from patient, visitors or staff handling. . It is difficult if not impossible to keep equipment clean and infection free in the available time at the least costs using manual methods. And when manual methods are used, cleaning and disinfection will vary from person to person on any given day.


Lower reimbursements, lower budgets, staff shortages are just some of the business pressures forcing healthcare organizations to do more with less. While costs must come down, standards for cleaning and disinfecting medical equipment are going up, not as a choice, but a requirement.


Unfortunately, manually cleaning wheelchairs, commodes and other patient care equipment is often thought of as an under value function. Casual wiping on minimal surfaces and inconsistent frequency of cleaning only serves to devalue the importance of the job.


Simply stated, to work within a lower budget, utilizing staff more efficiently and at the same time raise the standards for cleaning and disinfecting, a consistent dependable automated process is required. Every day we work with some form of automation and appreciate those benefits. Automating a task is an efficient tool that typically replaces a repetitive task, saves time, has cost benefits, improves quality and consistency, improves worker conditions and replaces a job that people get tired of doing manually.  


HUBSCRUB automation elevates an under valued function resulting in greater employee satisfaction and improved staff utilization. By using the right tool for the job, it emphasizes the importance of cleaning and disinfecting equipment thoroughly.