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Rentals are an ideal way to fully evaluate the benefits of HUBSCRUB automation. Our rentals allow enough time to integrate the process into daily schedules, provide ample time for cleaning different types of equipment and lastly to get past the “something  new” where everything gets cleaned the first week.

Rental periods are flexible, ask us about applying a portion of your rental payments to the purchase of a new HUBSCRUB

Refurbished Systems

When a customer trades up to another HUBSCRUB system, their trade-in will be completely refurbished and become available for sale. Full year warranty is including for all refurbished work. All parts are inspected and repaired or replaced as needed. Performance of spray pressure, wash pump, drain pump and other electro-mechanical devices are verified. Thorough cleaning both inside and outside is performed. While the majority of customers keep their HUBSCRUB for a long time, refurbished units offer an excellent value.