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All HUBSCRUB chemicals are compatible with each other and when used through HUBSCRUB’s automated dispensing system have a PH level of 7 to 9. Maintaining these PH levels minimizes corrosion of equipment and has minimal environmental concern. Extensive testing and years of use insures safety, performance and equipment compatibility.

HUBSCRUB Detergent
Our cleaning detergent is non-foaming, especially effective for organic material, metals and includes rust inhibitor. It has a slight citrus fragrance. When the operator selects a cleaning cycle ( Quick, Normal or Long), the amount of detergent changes. For example, selecting the Quick cycle, will automatically dispense about ½ oz into HUBSCRUB’s internal sink and mixed with water.

HUBSCRUB Rinse Drying Aid
Rinse Drying Aid is a formulation of corrosion inhibitors, surfactants, and conditioning agents to reduce surface tension for rapid draining, rinsing and fast drying. It helps to prevent spotting caused by water impurities and dissolved solids after water evaporation.

Our No-Foam is specialty formulated to control suds if a product develops suds when highly agitated. When enabled, the product will be automatically dispensed into the sink where the suds are and remove any suds build-up.

Liquid Disinfectants
There are many different types of disinfectant products and if a facility prefers to use their current disinfectant, we will verify that their product will be compatible with other chemical products in our system and determine if that chemical will be safe with our materials. HUBSCRUB uses EPA registered disinfectants in the US.

Currently, we support Concentrate disinfectants that are mixed with water. Dilution ratios and contact times are programmable to meet the manufacture’s current products and new products as they are introduced..  

Ready To Use (RTU) disinfectants that are not mixed with water. Contact times are followed according to the manufacture of those products.

Quaternary, Hydrogen Peroxide, Phenol, Citrus, Alcohol to name a few have been tested with our system.

HUBSCRUB Ultra-Violet (UV)

UV has been included as it is used as a disinfectant. Testing by an independent lab has been done for efficacy.  
HUBSCRUB’s 3 minute wash and rinse cycles followed by a 3 minute UV dose time, completely removed C-Diff, MRSA and CRE pathogens.