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A company can always be measured by how well they support their customer. It is support that defines the company's commitment to the customer and their responsibility for being in business.

Our Support Standards

During the full warranty period we guarantee that if a problem occurs that cannot be determined or resolved by our support or by personnel at the facility, we will fix it through our own technicians or by a contracted service organization. After the warranty period, we will get it fixed through our staff, working with facility personnel or by a contracted service organization.

Life Time Support

As long as the original owner uses HUBSCRUB, the HUBSCRUB Company will provide support at no charge to assist the user with:

  • Identifying the problem
  • Troubleshooting the problem with the user
  • Guidance on fixing the problem
  • Supplying documentation, pictures, fax, phone, email


HUBSCRUB systems are thoroughly tested to provide peak performance and free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase provided usage has followed standard guidelines. Damage to a part due to operator mishandling, misuse or where operating instructions were not followed are not covered by the 1 year parts and labor warranty. Should a defect in materials or workmanship occur within one year from purchase, HUBSCRUB Company will, at its option, repair or replace appropriate parts without charge.

The following are examples of items not considered manufacturing defects:

  • Any component damaged due to water temperatures in excess of 150 degrees
  • Water supply and drain hoses damaged due to crimping or twisting
  • External electrical power cord connections
  • Spray system damaged by operator mishandling
  • Water level switches damaged by operator mis-handling
  • Transporting the system off site and damaged by road conditions and collisions with other structures

HUBSCRUB detergents, rinsing additives, defoamers and approved disinfectants are required to maintain product warranty. These chemicals have been thoroughly tested for safeness to component parts and compatibility between products. Infection prevention dilutions to maintain labeling claims have been programmed for HUBSCRUB chemicals. Performance for quality cleaning has also been programmed for HUBSCRUB chemicals. All warranties are voided if non-approved chemical products are used.


Every HUBSCRUB includes the capability to test each electro-mechanical device and sensors. Each device can be turned on for a number of seconds to determine if the device is working independently. For example, the drain pump will be turned on to drain water from the internal sink or the chemical pump can be turned on to dispense a chemical.

Computer Testing

In addition to testing the actual device, the user can also verify the device is being activated by observing lights on the computer that identify the device. For example, if the light for the spray arm switch is on, it means the switch has made contact. Or, if the light is not on, the switch has not made contact. The combination of computer testing and device testing is very helpful to identify a particular problem.

Touchscreen information

For models that include the touch screen, any alert condition such as low chemicals, water fill time exceeded, water level in sink too low, etc., will be displayed on the touch screen with extensive documentation to inform the operator of conditions that caused the alert. Additional documentation that helps to identify the actual device that caused the error.


Maintenance Reminders

Touch screen models include maintenance reminders to notify the operator to perform preventive maintenance procedures. For example, the model that includes ultra-violet disinfection will remind the operator to clean the UV lamps after so many cycles and to test lamp intensity to maintain disinfection efficacy. Every 500 cycles, the operator will be notified through the display screen to perform preventive maintenance. This reminder will help to keep your HUBSCRUB running at top performance. Documentation is conveniently located on the touch screen.

User Maintenance

The majority of user maintenance is verifying filters are free from obstructions. Whenever a fluid enters tubing or other lines, the fluid passes thorough a filter to insure a solid or larger particle does not block the device from operating. Insuring fasteners remain tight. For example, in some locations the wash door is opened and closed over 40 times a day.

System Self Maintenance

The main filter in front of the wash pump is automatically cleaned during each cycle. There are no filter cartridges requiring replacement. In addition, chemical lines are automatically purged with water to rinse chemical residue that builds up in tubing lines, chemical pumps, valves and other devices over time.