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We Love Our Hubscrub

Hug a Hubscrub

Welcome to the Hubscrub Company

The HUBSCRUB Company is a dedicated manufacturer of high-performance, automated cleaning and infection prevention systems for durable medical equipment and other equipment requiring the same level of attention. As you browse our website, we are hopeful you'll find the information helpful and complete. Thank you.

Our medical equipment cleaning systems disinfect wheelchairs, commodes, hospital beds and other equipment quickly and effectively thorough HUBSCRUB's automated technology. Our premier performance in cleaning, infection prevention, labor cost savings and productivity, is required by today's demand for efficiency.

View HUBSCRUB™ in action:
Bob from New York says:

"In this era of budget cutting and belt tightening, efficiency and productivity within an organization are paramount. The HUBSCRUB is an investment that definitely works in this environment. The HUBSCRUB allows you to do more with less and have cleaner equipment than ever before. It is a true win-win for home medical equipment providers and anyone else that needs to clean and sanitize items frequently."

George from Pennsylvania says:

"For many years our company has used the HUBSCRUB to clean thousands of pieces of equipment with virtually no breakdowns. It is a well-designed machine to use, saving our company many man-hours in cleaning time and effort."

Why Automate with HUBSCRUB