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The ultimate multi-purpose equipment cleaning and infection control solution.

Hubscrub UV


The Perfect Combination!

  1. Clean It
  2. Rinse It
  3. Disinfect It With UV

6 Minutes... Done!
At C-diff Level

  • Wheelchairs
  • Commodes
  • Walkers
  • Carts
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Welcome to The HUBSCRUB Company


The new system is fantastic. It's so quick and cleans really well.
- Erin, Colorado

Our non-profit has two HUBSCRUB'S that sanitize over 5000 used HME items a year. Our clients depend on HUBSCRUB and we depend on HUBSCRUB
- David, Georgia

We have a vendor like HUBSCRUB with an excellent product, great service, and a long-standing successful working relationship that says a lot these days.
- Colleen, Canada

Customer support and follow-up from HUBSCRUB's staff has been superior and allowed us to maintain our HUBSCRUB machines and functioning without any down time. We have processed over 36,000 pieces of equipment without any major issue. The support has been valuable to our day to day operations.
- Mary, Maryland

We are focused on solving your business and operational problems as they relate to cleaning and disinfection of patient care equipment and mobile equipment.

Operational problems such as: staffing time, inconsistent process, staffing turnover, infection prevention, inconvenience, under-valued function and the regulatory pressures affecting your financial and business bottom line.

HUBSCRUB systems excel in all user environments: hospitals, rehab, LTC, assisted living, CCRC, equipment providers, recycling/reuse organizations and the demanding needs of service businesses.

Watch it Work

In our Products and Services page, learn how HUBSCRUB value improves staffing productivity, dependable cleaning and disinfection quality and much needed frequency for patient safety. Technology built to enable providers to do their jobs better.

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